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Solution impulses for individual challenges

March 24, 2023 | Online | For scholarship holders & alumni


The seminar will be held in English, but perfect language skills are not expected!
Clarification and solution impulses for professional and personal challenges. Within the framework of a structured consultation in a collegial setting, participants can contribute practical questions, challenging situations and “difficult cases” to find support in the form of concrete, creative and individual solutions in exchange with colleagues.
The course leader guides the group through the phases of the collegial consultation in a clearly structured process and supports the individual participant by clarifying questions in order to bring light into the topic raised. At the same time, the course leader accompanies the group to develop spontaneous ideas and solutions.
In the confidential setting of a small group, added value is guaranteed for all participants: all persons – case-takers and the round of advisors – benefit from the exchange and take insights or impulses for their own topics.


6.00-8.30 p.m., 2,5 hours incl. 2 x 10 minutes break


Methods in the online-setting
moderation, collegial exchange, practical group-time, trainerinput, appreciative contructive solution impulse. In this seminar, the participants will be adviced on their own practical case work to develop solutions in a confindetial framework of self-reflection.


Silvia Haas, pedagogue and coach



scholarship holders: 10,00 Euro

alumni: 20,00 Euro

(you will receive en e-mail with the payment information shortly before the seminar)

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